Simple Steps to Spot a Liar

If you want to spot a liar there are few easy steps you can take. No one likes being lied to, and no one likes a liar. When someone lies, they are breaking a social bond. This unspoken agreement, based on the rule of treating others as we would like to be treated, is universal. Lying shatters this bond, and mistrust is never a positive characteristic of any relationship. If often makes it difficult or even impossible to ever trust that person again. However, if you learn to catch a liar then you will be able to distance yourself from the people in your life whose lies could hurt you.

One of the easiest and most common ways to catch a liar is by paying attention to eye contact. Usually people will make eye contact with you during about half of your conversation, so if you notice their eyes constantly wavering, especially during a touchy subject, you may be dealing with a liar.

Another method of spotting a liar is by the tone of voice. If their voice wavers, or you notice a variation in pitch or rate of speech during a particular point of the conversation, they might be lying. You should also pay attention to their speech and whether or not they say “uhh” and “umm” more than usual.

Body language, of course, is another important way to detect a liar. If someone often turns their body away from you, covers their face or mouth, or especially does a lot of fidgeting with their hands and legs, they might be trying to deceive you.

Obviously, if someone contradicts themselves, they are probably lying. If they make statements that don’t make sense, or don’t seem to match up with previous statements, you should question their truthfulness. Why don’t their statements match up, and what might be their reason for dishonesty? Can they really just not remember the details, or are they lying?

These are just some of the basic tips of learning to tell when someone is lying. These tips really are just the tip of the iceberg. To really learn these methods of catching a liar, you need to go much more in depth. By reading up on some simple ways to catch a liar, you can eliminate a lot of the strife in your life. If you are able to learn how to tell when someone is lying to you, your personal and professional life will be improved.