What is Fish Behavior? Understand Their Psychology

Haven’t you ever gone scuba diving and marveled at the jewels of the sea? Scuba diving is the glamourous and more accessible way of looking at marine life and attempting to understand their existence. Marine biology, a branch of ecology has been the study of life under the seas and oceans that occupy almost 75 percent of our planet.

Since time immemorial, the vast oceans have not only provided as passages to new lands and fortunes, but they have also yielded food, medicine and sometimes even a better understanding of our own world and how the earth came to be so diverse.

It would surprise you to know that a substantial portion of life on earth exists underwater! Marine life has been instrumental in keeping the correct balance in our ecology and eco systems. Without understanding what makes marine life function, without comprehending the far-reaching consequences of the impact of marine life, it would have been impossible to make the advances mankind has made today.

But marine biology has not only contributed to scientific advancements – it has also opened the doors for tourism and adventure and for us to have a better understanding of ourselves.

For example, we now know that dolphins are almost human like in their nature and behaviour. Over the years as humans have interacted with such fish, they have actually been able to train them and use their services in the numerous marine aquariums across the world. We have shared and participated in the affection that such fish share with us. It is indeed a fascinating experience.